Re-Imagine Your Identity


Change is inevitable but moving with the times can also bring great opportunity. Look at me! I spent my entire working life as a creative and have evolved as an award-winning communicator. Experience is its reward, but now I am re-imaging writing in this new multimedia world. 

WriterSpunWeb's creative services adapt and renew print and online communications. In this digital age, there are so many ways to express yourself and I have perfected the necessary skills to do the work and set myself apart--specifically, writing and designing content for websites, blogs, sales promotion, direct mail, and advertising.  

Retirement is another unique advantage in that projects get my singular focus. The video and audio content on this site are prime examples of my creative writing and actionable messaging  to change hearts and minds. 

Brand New! My blog features adventures in the publishing world as a short story writer for the Regency Romance and Fantasy Science Fiction genres. But before I share my stories, this month's piece will highlight one of the writers who have influenced me.