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One Author Who Inspired Me...

Georgette Hyer is the Queen of the Regency Romance and the next best thing to Jane Austin. Her most popular novels take you back to a time where Lords and Ladies, rakes, and dandies filled the landscape of English society. The cant and flavor of the period which lasted from 1811 to 1820 is delightfully portrayed in numerous novels. Here's a little taste...

He found her hand and raised it to his lips. "Well, I have used you quite abominably, but I will not do so anymore. I mean to take the greatest care of you,if you will let me." 

Excerpt from The Reluctant Widow

He came across the room to her, and took her in his arms. She did not resist, but she held him off a little, with her hands against his chest. 

"Damerel, there is something I must say to you!"

His smile faded; he looked searchingly down at her.

"What is it, my dear delight?" he said.
"It is--you see, my aunt said--I shouldn't throw myself at your head! It seemed as though I could, and I did, but when my uncle began to talk about your debts, and settlements, I suddenly saw how right she was? Oh, my love--my friend!--I don't wish you to marry me if perhaps you had rather not be married!"

"Then you are far more unselfish than I am, my dear heart, for I wish to marry you whatever your sentiments may be!"

Excerpt from Venetia

"That's right! You look a very poor thing, my dear! Better let St. Earth carry you, or you will be tumbling down in another faint!"

"An excellent suggestion, sir!" said the Earl, and picked up his betrothed, and bore her off, heedless alike of her entreaties to him to remember his own injury, and of the strongly-worded disapproval of Martin and the Viscount, who followed him out of the Hall, urging him to relinquish his burden to one or other of them.

Excerpt from The Quiet Gentleman


"And above all very foolish," he agreed, turning her words into a caress. "It seems I have been a great deal to easy with you, Madam Wife! That will not happen again! So you thought I offered for you because I wanted a wife, and saw nothing in you to disgust me, did you? Nell, how could you be such a goose?"

The blush deepened; she hung her head. "Mama said--that you were disposed to be fond of me, and considerate, and she warned me not to hang on you, or--appear to notice it if--perhaps--you had Another Interest."

Excerpt from April Lady

"Nonsense, child, of course you are going to marry Alverstoke!" said Eliza briskly, drawing on her gloves. 

"Why, Augusta told me so the very day after I came up to London! She says you will deal extremely, too. So does Sally Jersey, and --"

"Will you have the goodness, Eliza, to permit me to make my proposals myself?" interrupted his lordship, in a voice of dangerous calm.

"Yes, my dear brother! But do, pray, stop fearing to put it to the touch, and wondering if this is quite the right moment, or whether you would not do better to wait until Frederica is rather less harassed!" responded Eliza, smiling affably at him."

Excerpt from Frederica

"So far from having, as you seem to think, a tendre for her, I can think of few worse fates than to be married to a girl who is not only young enough to be my daughter, but who has what I suspect to be an ineradicable habit of flinging herself into the arms of the military. I suggest, if you feel her fair name to have been smirched in the eyes of your neighbors, that you loose no time in getting her out of the country. No doubt Captain Kendal will be happy to assist you in achieving this object!"

Excerpt from Sprig Muslin

Dueling Hearts Is Here

I entered the 89th annual Writer's Digest Competition, not one of the winners but here it is. 

Dueling Hearts Final.pdf

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